GlobX Parcel Logistics LLC is based in San Jose, California and operates as an Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP). 

We believe that our people are our greatest asset and GlobX will only succeed if our employees are successful!

Our mission is to become the top performing DSP in Amazon's partner network.


GlobX founders bring a wealth of operational and management experience and a success record of creating work environments where all employees can call home, are respected and have a voice. We believe that with all the experience and expertise the founders can’t succeed without a great team.  We deeply value loyalty and commitment, hard work, diversity, honesty, professionalism, creativity, ambition, high-performing team cultures, and desire to succeed.

Two established Silicon Valley entrepreneurs with expertise in global Enterprise Service Logistics, Service Delivery, Customer Experience, and Operational Excellence ventured to create a different kind of company with a goal to DISRUPT and redefine current logistics and last-mile delivery models.

Looking beyond Amazon parcel delivery, GlobX is developing a cloud-based end-to-end comprehensive logistics management and last-mile delivery platform with easy to use applications, simple connectivity to a wide range of enterprise systems, offering user-friendly applications and tools ranging from warehouse and inventory management, to real-time tracking and management of vehicle and cargo / parcel delivery, to financial and data mining.

GlobX platform proactively manages relationships connectivity between platform, tools and assets and people (drivers, dispatchers, warehousing , transportation assets, parcel, cargo and customers).

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We are not your typical 3PL Employer and Company!!